Starflower Pacific Beach North Shores Alano Club

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Membership Requirements & Regulations

   1.   After thirty (30) days of sobriety, an applicant can complete an application card and pay by cash or check for processing. Monthly dues are $15.00 per person and $22.00 per married couple. Non-resident memberships from outside the greater San Diego area cost $22.00 per year with valid ID.      
   2.   Fill out a green application card in full at the Membership Desk ('Club Sponsor' refers to a Club Member in good standing, not an A.A. sponsor).      
   3.   Place the green card (with all applicable fees, checks are preferred) in an envelope and place in the dropbox marked 'DUES'. All necessary items can be found at the front desk.       
   4.   A yellow membership card with your name and record of payments will be processed and filed in the pigeon hole at the front desk marked with your first name & last initial. IMPORTANT: Always enclose this card with your dues payment to ensure proper posting in the club master file. This card MUST NOT be removed from the club.       
   5.   Dues are payable and due on the first of the month and delinquent after the 10th. Dues must be current before a member can attend General Membership meetings, use the Card Room, or participate in club activities.       
   6.   Delinquency: When thirty (30) days in arrears, the member name is posted on the delinquent list on the bulletin board. When sixty (60) days in arrears, members are dropped for NON-PAYMENT of dues. In order to be reinstated, a dropped member must pay a penalty of two months past dues plus current dues ($45.00 for single membership, $66.00 for married membership)       
   7.   Statements are mailed only if a member becomes delinquent. Your yellow card is the only statement that you will need and will help to keep you current if you check it at least once a month.      
   8.   To resign from the club, a member must do so while his dues are current in order to avoid having to pay a penalty if he wishes to rejoin at a later date.      
   9.   NON-RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP: Persons living outside of San Diego County may join the club as non-resident members at the rate of $22.00 per year, per person. These dues are not prorated, therefore a person joining in the middle of the year or later will owe dues on January 1 of the following year.      
   10.   GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS are held in MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM. You are invited to attend these meetings, but will not be eligible to vote until you have been a member for THREE MONTHS, with dues paid for that month. After that time you should make an effort to attend so that you can elect and vote for new Board of Director members and Club Officers. Also, many important policies require a General Membership vote.