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Club History

North Shores Alano Club -- Pacific Beach
4861 Cass Street San Diego, California 92109
(858) 483-4084

       Hello, and welcome to the North Shores Alano Club! The Club a non-profit entity committed to assisting people in recovery from all walks of life and is supported entirely by dues-paying members. Its primary purpose is to function as a gathering place for recovering alcoholics and their associates. The Club is considered home to daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, totaling over 35 per week.

       As you'll learn from its history, the North Shores Alano Club was first designed and built specifically as an alano club. The building and Club itself quickly became the center of A.A. in San Diego County, remaining so for years to come. As well, it served as a showcase and aspiration for many alano clubs in the country - influencing the development of such clubs even still today.

       In 1966 the North Shores Alano Club in Pacific Beach was located on the corner of Cass and Felspar, directly across from the Cass Street Bar & Grill. The original building is now a small restaurant, which still utilizes the original building and small patio area. During its tenure the Club hosted about 35 members and their guests, as well as providing frequent meetings and events. As the club began to grow a committee was formed to begin building a fund and search for a site to build a larger, modernized club. The vacant lot they found is where the North Shore Alano Club stands today.

       Building bonds were issued to purchase the property, and denominations from $25 to $1,000 were sold at 5% interest with $50 being the average size purchase. Eventually $15,000 ( a substantial sum at that time ) was raised solely by private investors in recovery from all over San Diego County. The lot was purchased, plans were drawn, and building began with a $65,000 construction mortgage spanning 20 years.

       When the North Shores Alano Club finally opened in 1969 it was the third Alano Club in the greater San Diego area, accompanied by both San Diego and El Cajon Alano Clubs. However it prized it's own distinction as being the only club originally designed and built as an alano club. Through the years, thousands of recovering alcoholics have passed through the doors and membership numbers have grown into the thousands. Recovering alcoholics from all walks of life, and all parts of the country, can look back at their beginning at the North Shores Alano Club where they began "trudging the road of happy destiny". For them, the club is more than just a meeting place; it has been (and in many cases still is) a major contribution to both their sobriety and lives.

       Today, the North Shores Alano Club is faced with keeping up with the tremendous growth of Alcoholics Anonymous in changing times. The advent of Neighborhood Recovery Centers and scores of new meetings has presented the Club with the challenge of attracting new members while remaining vital and solvent. The Club is currently undergoing modernizing renovations for a new generation of members, while still preserving its purpose and distinguished past.

       We hope you will take an interest in supporting the North Shores Alano Club and consider becoming a member, whether you attend regular meetings here or simply enjoy the Clubt's distinctive warmth and atmosphere. As we strive to make the club more inviting to potential members, we welcome your suggestions to make the club a place you can enjoy and remain active in.

The Board of Directors
North Shores Alano Club
March 01, 2014